String Description
* In Team view, you can challenge your teammates to a Friendly Fight. Requests for Friendly Fights will appear in the team chat, and you’ll be matched against the first teammate who answers the request.\n* Friendly Fights are... friendly! Meaning that you don’t rank up or down, open lockers, or gain progress toward your PVP pack. But, you can test new decks or cards you’ve just unlocked.\n* You can use your regular decks in Friendly Fights, but to ensure that fights are fair, even for players of very different levels, there are two special rules:\n** NEW KID is always level {}\n** Cards are leveled to Friendly Standard:\n*** Common cards are Level 4\n*** Rare cards are Level 3\n*** Epic cards are Level 2\n*** Legendary cards are Level 1\n* Those rules only apply during Friendly Fights and do not affect your regular PVP play or your card collection.
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